XLX909 Multiprotocol Gateway Reflector
   XLX909 v2.4.1 - Dashboard v2.4.1+  /  Service uptime: 17 days 01:01:20

Server Airtime: 2216 days / 6.1 years

Service Group Notes Module DTMF/Reflector (*) D-STAR DMR
International DSTAR International Interlink A D909A XRF909AL 4001
National - Spain DSTAR Spanish Interlink B D909B XRF909BL 4002
Free use C D909C XRF909CL 4003
National - Spain DMR National D D909D XRF909DL 4004
Free use E D909E XRF909EL 4005
Free use F D909F XRF909FL 4006
Free use G D909G XRF909GL 4007
Free use H D909H XRF909HL 4008
Free use I D909I XRF909IL 4009
Free use J D909J XRF909JL 4010
Free use K D909K XRF909KL 4011
Free use L D909L XRF909LL 4012
Free use M D909M XRF909ML 4013
Free use N D909N XRF909NL 4014
Free use O D909O XRF909OL 4015
Free use P D909P XRF909PL 4016
Free use Q D909Q XRF909QL 4017
Free use R D909R XRF909RL 4018
Free use S D909S XRF909SL 4019
Free use T D909T XRF909TL 4020
Free use U D909U XRF909UL 4021
Free use V D909V XRF909VL 4022
Free use W D909W XRF909WL 4023
Free use X D909X XRF909XL 4024
Free use Y D909Y XRF909YL 4025
Interlink Test Multimode Test module Z D909Z XRF909ZL 4026

(*) How to access the XLX Reflectors using the DCS protocol

DTMF works with this, so D909B would take you to XLX909B.


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